Gorale is a musical group.

It aims at presenting the Polish mountain folklore.

It is a rich music, because it is between Various cultures, Czech, Slovak, Rumanian, Hungarian, Gypsy and Pole.

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" Kapela " (group of musicians in Polish), consists essentially in violins, is composed in the following way:

One or several First violins: they play the melody.

One or several second violins: violins or violas play the chords(on 2 in 3 strings simultaneously, according to the way they are tuned).

The bassette: is a three string cello that plays the bass notes.

The paradox of our group, is that we never learnt to play the violin and that we are situated in the PAS DE CALAIS which is a flat country. But if you listen to us, you can see or rather hear, that we pull it off rather well.

Our activities are multiple and varied:


The group was founded in 1991, after a group of musicians who played Polish mountain music in Czechoslovakia met at the festival of COURCELLES LES LENS .

Pascal and Jacques had the idea to establish a similar group in France. Michel, by means of the townhall, found us the premises,and the group GORALE was born.

The only thing left to do was to learn to play the violin.

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